10 Work Habits for Success

1.  Take Initiative

Employers and clients want people that see a need and meet it.  Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do.  Be the first to act.  When you’ve accomplished something meaningful, drop your boss or client a quick email letting them know.  They’ll love you for taking care of it for them.

2.  Be Positive

You don’t have to be a “yes man”, but you should keep your overall attitude positive.  People are naturally attracted to optimists.  Companies want people that see a better future and can help them get there.  Take a positive attitude with you and it will pay off.

3.  Make Yourself Indispensable

As Seth Godin points out in Linchpin, people that deliver high value are the ones that get paid the most and receive all the perks.  Make it a habit to constantly look for opportunities to serve your organization in ways that no else can.  In short order, you will become indispensable.

4.  Stay Organized

It is hard to deliver high value if you are disorganized.  Find a system that works for you and use it to keep yourself heading in the right direction.  A well-organized to-do list and calendar are essential to your success.

5.  Give More than Expected

If you do the bare minimum, then you are going to get the bare minimum in return.  Always give your most valued customers more than they expect.  Going the extra mile will get you a whole crowd of raving fans singing your praises to those that sign your checks.

6.  Get Along with Others

This was important in Kindergarten and its still important now.  You must know how to deal well with people of every race, religion and ethnic background to thrive in today’s work environment.  Avoid things like gossiping, temper tantrums, and cliques.  Getting along with others is an essential element to high achievement.

7.  Keep Up with Technology

Like it or not, technology is a big part of today’s workplace.  Are you knowledgeable about the latest software, hardware and online systems in your industry?  If not, then make it habit to get current and stay there.  This can also be a way to make yourself indispensable.

8.  Accept Change

Change is the new norm in workplaces.  We’ve all heard that change is inevitable, but are you prepared for the rate of change we are seeing today?  You’ve got to be extremely flexible so you can roll with the punches.  Today’s environment won’t allow you to get comfortable.  The more adaptable you are to knew situations, the better.

9.  Keep People in the Loop

Those you work for want to be informed.  There is nothing worse than being blindsided in a meeting with an issue you don’t know anything about.  Keeping higher-ups in the loop on what’s going on will make you a valuable person in their eyes.

10.  Be Widely Available

“Business hours” is an obsolete term.  The modern world operates 24×7.  We all want instant access and no delays.  Be sure the people you serve know how to get in touch when they need you.  If you always answer, but your colleagues do not, then guess who will become the go-to person.

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