Asking Employees What They Need

A successful business is dependent upon many things: an able leader, loyal customers, quality products and services, a strong business model. But most of all, businesses need efficient, talented, and happy employees. Part of that is simply finding people who fit the culture of your company and add value. Teamwork and a desire to succeed and attain company goals are also important. But to do those things, you also need something else.

You must have happy employees that are having their needs met. It’s impossible for leaders to know everything employees need if they don’t ask. Employees often feel uncomfortable asking for assistance, as they want to be independent and self- sufficient. However, encouraging employees to speak up helps build a positive environment while allowing you to gain insight into things that may be frustrating to employees.

If employees aren’t having their needs met, performance and productivity generally go down, so not only are they less satisfied and comfortable, but also your company is losing value. Needs are often simple and easy to meet. Perhaps an employee wants a brief check-in once a week, or just faster responses to questions via e- mail. Maybe there’s a company issue happening and an open forum would increase understanding and reduce gossip. Being open and helpful will let your employees know that you care, they are valued, and it will go a long way in decreasing tension and poor attitudes.

You must stay actively engaged with your employees. There are many things you can learn from them, and keeping an open dialogue adds meaning to your business relationship. Failing to do so has, even in large corporations, led to huge oversights; resentment for leadership; internal competition instead of focusing on the competition; and even mass exoduses of talented but unhappy employees.

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