Become a Great Employee

1. Be on time.
There is nothing more annoying for a leader than people arriving late to work. And did you know that your fellow co-workers get demotivated if you turn up late? According to a survey I had at my office, 30 % says that they are influenced in a negative way, when others turn up late. 

2. Care about your co-worker.
When did you last praise a co-worker for a great job done? It is not only up to the manager to praise good efforts. A good feedback from a co-worker can be of greater value. Be friendly, including and do offer your time to help others.  Do positive stuff for others and others do positive stuff for you! 

3. Look good.
This is not about attraction and beautiful people. The point is to dress well, be representative and take care of your personal hygiene. What is the dress code like at your work? Try to follow up. If all others have a suit, so should you. Take a shower now and then. If you always dress good, your boss will notice and just by that get a good impression. If you always dress improperly your boss will notice that too. Who will be trusted with the important client? The one that looks good, or the one that might scare the client? 

4. Work with goals all the time.
How many sales did you get yesterday? How many cows did you milk? How many tasks did you complete? Do you know your average? Write three goals on a piece of paper. One is set to be your absolute minimum. The next is a goal a bit higher, this is a good day. The third goal is the highest, and if you reach it you’ve just had a great day. If you always manage to pass your absolute minimum, it’s time to adjust your goals, when you do, adjust all three. 

5. Reflect and speak to your coach.
This one is linked to the last point about working with goals. Find time to reflect about the last week or day, why did you reach your goals? Why did you not reach your goals? Could you have done something different? Is there room for improvement? Did you do something that worked great? I increased my sales many years ago when I stopped asking the customer this question; “How may I help you today?” With this question; “Do you see something you would like to learn more about?” I sold even more when I learned about closing techniques. At my current work we found ways to reduce the time between each caller with 30 sec. giving us the power to handle 80 more calls each day. If you have a manager or a coach, speak to them about your results, they might guide you to see more clearly how to improve. 

6. Detach yourself from you pay check.
Your salary is of no importance, if it is, you are many steps away from being an excellent employee. I have heard statements like: “Give me more money, and I will produce more”, “I do not give it all, because my pay is not high enough” – Guess what, if you think like this you’ve already lost. I will never give a rise to this personality. If you make pay unimportant, and give it your best, you will be rewarded. If you have accepted a job offer, you have accepted you salary, leave it there.

7. Learn and share.
Add value to yourself. Learn more, read about you field of expertise. Most promotions are equal to getting more responsibility and in most cases leadership. Acquire those skills now. Learn your markets; learn about business strategies in your fields. Learn how to motivate others. And when you learn, share your knowledge. Teach others your expertise, motivate others, and take care of others. Make sure you contribute to a happy workplace. 

8. Grab that ball!
Attitude is everything. I have a theory that divides humans in two groups, those who are afraid of the ball, and those that want the ball at any cost. When I hold motivational speeches a basketball is one of my best props. If you ever saw how a basketball game starts, you’ll know what I mean. I compare the ball to challenges. If you board suddenly decide to sell napkins, darn, we shall be the best napkin sellers in the world. If management decide that we shall get a new task, bring it on, and we shall create gold. The business world is changing fast, you need to be able to adapt and positive about it. I hate it when I hear people say: “We never did this before, why should we do it now?”, “This task should be done by others” and “I do not know how to do this”. 

9. Involve yourself.
Be pro active towards your manager, ask to discuss topics with them, ask to be evaluated and ask to reflect together. But do not bug them down; remember you need to produce results as well. Volunteer if tasks are given, especially if it is in a topic you love. 

10. Get to know your company.
Understand how your company works. If you work in a large company, you might just be a small piece of the puzzle. If you know how your company operates, you’ll easier see the importance of you job, and you might even see where there is room for improvement. If you have a faulty product, it would be nice to know someone who might actually do something about it. You might also discover that bonding with other departments might improve the production all over, as you might learn from each others. If you have a sales department at your job, what can you or your departments do to increase sales? If you work in a small company you might get a high influence, if you know your markets and can produce good ideas that work.

11. Be a good example.
Don’t be the one falling asleep under the table at all social happenings.  Have fun, and smile. Be positive about your job, and focus on positivity. Do not get tangled up in negative conversations. There is a difference between criticism and negativity. You can be critical if you have the arguments. But remember, if you are negative, you will create negative co-workers. Treat people good on your way up, cause you might meet them on your way down. Step up to the challenge when needed. 

12. Relax and recover.
Use your spare time wisely, find a hobby you like or focus on your family. Work is important, but work to live, do not live to work. Find activities that give you energy. Get enough sleep; enjoy your friends and family. Take a walk outside. Do not spend the entire weekend indoors playing world of warcraft. Read something that inspires you.  Do one positive thing right now. Do you have chores that need to be done? Do one right now. Clean your bath, or make your living room a nice place to be. Surprise someone with a gift. It is up to you.

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