Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki?

Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki?

Author of the book ‘ Choose or be chosen’ has contributed today’s post about his book – an article specially for young people looking for jobs and taking up interviews:

Everyone with a reasonable saving can buy a Suzuki but very few can afford to buy Mercedes while having the want to HAVE it. That’s how Mercedes has positioned itself in the world of car market.

Why is this so?

Because Mercedes offers such features and qualities, in a four wheeler that makes it distinguished, celebrated and out of the ordinary. There is of course something “extra” in it that makes it extraordinary. There is something outstanding in it that no other auto manufacturer can even afford to offer. On the other hand Suzuki offers all the routine features and comes up to the expectations of anyone who wants a four wheeler carrying a small family and thus is affordable.

Now look at yourself and the features and qualities you have to offer. Are you a Mercedes or a Suzuki? Do you have just the necessary ingredients to carry on a routine office task or you offer something to your employer or in a larger sense to the world, which is extraordinary and none other has to offer.

If you are a Suzuki than anyone can have you for a minimal price, but if you are a Mercedes only few will be able to afford you but everyone will want to HAVE you.