5 Ways to Stay True to Your Gift

5 Ways to Stay True to Your Gift

By Tony Gaskins, Jr. on Oct 07, 2013

Think about a few examples of truly successful people. You’ll notice that many of them are doing what they love to do. We are all wired in a way that we’re drawn to something! It may not be a popular thing. You may not see it as a moneymaking thing, but if you love it then it’s worth it.

I love the success stories of people who needed something one day and couldn’t find it so they created it. Or the stories of a person who has a deep passion for something and just started doing it, while seeking happiness and peace. I have a friend known as “Spoken Reasons” on YouTube. He would call me and talk for hours about his dreams and aspirations of being a comedian and actor. But he was from a small town and was rather quiet growing up. One day he decided to get on YouTube and create videos to express himself in his own funny and unique way. There he was, using a free online service and just being himself. Fast-forward three years and now he lives in Hollywood, just was in a box office hit called “The Heat,” and he’s so busy that I can barely get a returned text message. Just like that, he just wanted to express himself and bring happiness to others through his gifts. His gift made room for him. That is SUCCESS! Do it for you! Do it because you love it. Do it because it feels natural.

I’ve been guilty of looking at someone else and then trying to be more like them because what they were doing seemed to work well for them. Then I had to check myself and realize that I can’t beat them at being them; nor can they beat me at being what I am.

So now, I’ve been asking myself daily:

1.) What am I feeling right now?

2.) What’s in my heart that I want to say?

3.) What message is most important to me, right now, that the world needs to hear?

4.) Am I creating or imitating?

5.) Am I watching or working?

Those five questions keep me on track. Those questions remind me to fulfill my purpose and to get out of me what needs to be birthed before I die. Those questions create a sense of urgency in me and they push me to greatness. I don’t watch others; all I focus on is my own purpose. I keep my eyes on the prize—to touch as many lives with my message as possible.

We all have something special to offer the world. You just have to believe that your message or your gift is worthy of being heard or seen. Get your gift out of you and let it work for you!

Your gift will make room for you!